"FORMERLY Piero's nothing's changed but the name."

Carrying on our mouth watering traditions

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“Carrying on our mouth watering traditions”



Monday – Thursday
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2:30 pm – 9:00 pm

I’d like to take some time today
To express what’s on my mind
Those sentiments within my heart
In these simple words to find

To those who wear a uniform
Be it white, or green, or blue
For every daily task performed
With courage to see it through

For every hardship you have faced
Each precious moment deprived
For all the pain you have endured
And each mission you’ve survived

You’ve given up so much for me
And have done so by design
The time away from family
So that I could be with mine

Thank you for all that you have done
For those freedoms I enjoy
The cost that’s paid by those you love
Every time that you deploy

To all of those present and past
To our soldiers I’d like to say
God’s speed to you and bless you all
On this Memorial Day!